Space clearing is the cleansing of a living or professional space on an energy level. Its goal is to free old memories from the walls and a rooms atmosphere (sickness, death, depression, overloads, relationship problems, blockings). It is especially effective for repetitive behaviors and emotional layers that take their roots in time making the energy of a space heavy and oppressive.

By liberating the clogged energy, the vibration index of the space increases and the space feels lighter, more peaceful and serene. Your life is more fluid and harmonious.

Space clearing brings a new light to the space and helps in the implementation and execution of important projects. It also allows you to fulfill your wishes, increase your vital energy, change the vibe, and overall create a new space. It also improves the harmony and productivity of a working space.

Combining Feng Shui and space clearing simultaneously will reveal itself to be a powerful and transforming experience that will lead towards change.




InsideZen Space Clearing will bring you:

A less stressful environment, a well-being and an inner peacefulness worth keeping

An environment that revitalizes your living potential promoting a new life dynamic and a better personal balance

A lighter and more positive feeling in the living space

You can use space clearing:

On a preventive basis: moving in a new space (to clear out the energy of the previous tenants) or for a life event (birth, new relationship, new job or new project…).

On a regular basis: to purify the space and bring extra vital energy; especially effective for spaces that are visited very often (therapeutic offices, waiting rooms, companies, shops…)

On a healing basis: to overcome a difficult event, an emotional trauma, depression, stress…

InsideZen Space Clearing can be done independently; nevertheless it’s combination to Feng Shui reveals to be a powerful and transformative experience that can be the starting point of a new path in your life and/or career.

price rates

Studios and one bedrooms: 120.-chf

Two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms: 150.-chf

Bigger then three-bedrooms:  price upon request

Office spaces: price upon request