The 4 steps of a Feng Shui consulting session:

  1. A 1 hour introductions meeting at your premises: presentation of our services as well as the working flow of your Feng Shui project, primary analysis of your needs. Reception of your house/office plans and other information related to the people living at the place necessary for our study and the project’s quote.
  2. Study period: once our quote has been accepted; we arrange for a visit of a geobiologist, take pictures of the space, gather information about the house/office as well as its occupants (depending on the plan chosen: Silver, Gold or Platinum).
  3. Feng Shui Consulting session: bagua, the 5 elements, the yin & yang, forms, colors, decoration, remedies, lighting, dynamic area, space usage, etc.
  4. Delivery of the Feng Shui decoration report as well as our recommendations: at your premises for a better understanding of the changes to be made.

The Feng Shui decoration report is composed:

a) Feng Shui study of your living space including forms and colors corresponding to each area of the place (bagua).

b) A personalized analysis in relation to your element and the element of the people living in the space.

c) A written report with all the analysis and recommendations.

Feng Shui decoration consulting harmonizes your inner space. It may bring you a better sleep, a health improvement, love & career activity and most important, Feng Shui brings you balance.

(houses and apartments)

950.-chf including:

– Bagua study of the desired sector
(ex : diner sector, sleeping sector, work, living room).
– Analysis, cures/remedies and recommendations
– Written document with key outcomes of the study

+ 250.-chf for each additional sector (up to 20m2)

*Additional services for Déco-Feng Shui consulting: 150.-chf/h


1150.-Chf including:

– Bagua for the business area up to 50m2
– Analysis, cures/remedies and recommendations
– Written document with key outcomes of the study

(Quotation upon request for spaces bigger than 50m2)

For businesses, the Bagua allows to focus on the goals and needs.
For example: Where to place the cash register in order to promote sales?
Which elements and forms to choose according to your activity?


What is the Bagua?

The bagua is the analysis of a home or living space and is based on eight aims of the human being:

Health, love, career, prosperity, studies, spirituality, future projects, reputation and the tao – energetic center of the space.

The bagua allows you to discover the sectors that are favorable to each one of the eight aims and to organize them according to the formes, colors and nature’s elements.

 For example:

1) How to place the bed in order to have a better sleep? Which element, color and form should we choose?

 2) How to place the desk of a teenager to help him better focus on his studies.




Projet 1


Projet 2