Feng- Shui Decoration Consulting

Using Feng Shui decoration, InsideZen harmonizes the interior of your home or office space. Feng Shui is not only about the placement of your furniture in your living room, nor about the orientation of your desk or about the choice of the use of a specific room. The Feng Shui consulting sessions offered by our specialist gives a decoration guideline to help you determine:

  • The influence of colors on your personality as well as your environments’ according to the room and its place in the house.
  • Direct or indirect light necessary to the presence of harmony in a room.
  • The furniture placement according to the use of the room and its position inside the house or building.
  • The materials of the furniture.
  • The placement of the decorative objects such as vases, paintings, lamps, pillows, shelves, etc.

The idea is to keep your precious objects, respect your personal taste and your budget while bringing a feeling of renewal and well-being. You will feel in harmony in your space while reaching balance of the body and soul; your home will be the reflection of your personality.

The Deco Feng Shui consultation help you make the key sectors of life more dynamic:
health, love, career, harmony, abundance, projects, etc…

For example: would you like to increase the financial abundance in your career? When you reorganise your work-sector, you transform the energy of the specific space and accelerate the « business/career » process.

At each consulting session, we you will receive tailor made advice according to Feng Shui and we will work together in defining the optimal position of your furniture in order to stimulate one or many sectors of your home/office.

Hourly rate: 150.-chf (minimum 2h)