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“Planning” testimonials

“Purchaser of a new apartment that had to be completely redone, I wanted to take care of the renovation myself, relying both on an organizing concept that takes into account my expectations and on an outside perspective for opinions and practical advice in carrying out the work.
Interested in Feng Shui, I enlisted Laura’s services and well done!
His approach to Feng Shui, both rigorous and attentive to my particular expectations and the constraints of the place, combined with his great artistic creativity, have been of great help to me in carrying out this renovation.
The “bagua” that Laura made, supplemented by her comments, was for me the compass I needed throughout the work. And in addition, she accompanied me with great delicacy in the choice of materials and colors for the various rooms of the apartment, not hesitating on occasion to push me out of my comfort zone!
I am delighted with the result: the apartment is pleasant to live in and I am regularly complimented on this by those who visit me. Thanks Laura! “



“Health” testimonials

“At a dinner with mutual friends, I had the pleasure of discussing Fengshui with Laura which sparked my interest in this philosophy.

We live in a family house in which I really didn’t feel well. At the time, however, we had already renovated and modernized it, but nothing was working. I asked Laura to advise us on the common rooms: the entrance hall, the living room – dining room first, our oldest son’s bedroom second. After a visit to the place and some discussions, she was able to put words to my ills with delicacy and kindness. She also quickly guessed our older boy’s sleeping problems just by visiting her room when I hadn’t mentioned it yet.

Laura’s recommendations went beyond simple decorating advice through Fengshui. While her analysis stems from a complex methodology, Laura knows how to use her knowledge intuitively and consistently, always taking into consideration the financial and technical feasibility of the project. She was very understanding and diplomatic when it came to proposing solutions that could represent upheaval.

The Laura version of Fengshui prompts a real questioning of oneself and of the place of each person within a family. Putting his advice into practice required in-depth personal analysis which has benefited everyone.

As a mom, the logistics and the dedication grab us and we can quickly forget who we really are, what we like and in a way … what is good for us. We ask ourselves this question less and less because there are fashions and in concrete terms we are simply no longer able to take the time to be attentive to our feelings.

His analysis brought a real extra soul to our living rooms which, as if by magic, took on cachet. This change generated an awareness that made the whole family grow. There is less commotion in our common spaces and more well-being for all. Our oldest sleeps much better and he enjoys spending time in his room. For my part, I have finally found a way to own my home and feel better there.

Thank you very much Laura.😊 »


Sandra’s husband could not sleep well for a long time and it was very difficult for her son to concentrate on his studies. By moving the bed 20 cm and removing some electrical outlets, her husband was able to get a good night’s sleep . By boosting the overall harmony and health area, her son found again his drive to study, he was able to concentrate and he successfully completed  his school year.
« Following your Feng Shui recommendations and  the changes you have made in our house, we have really seen improvements. My husband sleeps much better, my son is more focused in school and as far as I am concerned, I find my house more inviting and I really feel more positive energy. Many many thanks and I am really glad that you have made the InsideZen Feng Shui.  »


“Love” testimonials

Rachel was determined to give a revival to her love life. Up to that moment her relationships had resulted in nothing stable. By boosting the love area and through certain recommendations , her love life has been transformed.

« These few lines are not enough to thank you for your valuable recommendations which have transformed my love life. At our first appointment, you recommended that I start with some modifications according to the rules of Feng Shui. I couldn’t wait to apply them. It took me three hours to get rid of some photos, to move or  throw away some documents.  I was exhausted but so relieved. Just a week after my love life was completely transformed … amazing. I am looking forward to decorating my house according to the study of Feng Shui that you have made. Dear Laura, you have such a talent in the way you approach the rules of Feng Shui that it was a pleasure for me to ask you to do this study on my home. And I will sincerely recommend you to everyone I love. Congratulations on your job and I wish you all the happiness you deserve, from the bottom of my heart.  »


Internal harmony in all its forms has always attracted me… and intuitively I had already tried to change my living space in order to answer that need.

Changing, throwing, and sorting out things always made me feel a lot calmer.
After a breakdown where I felt at my weakest, I did some personal work which helped me to overcome old schemes and limiting beliefs. Changing things inside leaded to the necessity to change the outside, and that’s where the Feng Shui decoration helped me in changing my home.
My meeting with Laura was very helpful, her honesty allowed me to see that my apartment reflected a childish and dependent attitude.
I carefully listened to her advices and let things go as they had to. Step by step, everything took its place. My husband and I finally came down from our mezzanine and anchored our relationship by placing our bed on tree trunks.
Every paintings representing betrayal and submission were replaced. The guest room took its rightful meaning as accepted the fact that we wouldn’t welcome a third child.
Today, we are on our way to interdependence… a path still difficult to walk… trying to find stability after 20 years is quite laborious.
Forgetting the idea of perfect and the romantic illusion is difficult… And I quote a friend “Standing on our own feet is something that is taught … we are so lost in each other that its hard to live without external references.”
Wanting to put every chance on our side to reach our goal. We now feel much better in our apartment, which reflects our personal and common quest: to be happy together.
Thank you Laura for helping us.


Testimonials “General Harmony”

Laura’s visit was a real delight of sharing and positivism for myself and my new home. Laura will make you feel at ease and gives suggestions to gently change some details in a room in order to harmonize it’s energy. All changes have been very beneficial for the whole family.

Indulge yourself….!!


I met Laura at an aromatherapy workshop and we directly connected. She express her passion for her work and I was seduced by her speech. I didn’t know anything about Feng Shui but I had a revelation… I had to call Laura to help me change and improve some things in my life. She came in her gently way to see me and understand my hopes, and then studied my home in order to give it a better energy. I took the time I needed to make those changes (some were drastic) but I had a lot of pleasure doing it. Then the magic started to do its thing and I began to notice that there was something better in my life, things were moving forward. I still haven’t finished harmonising my interiors but I am very happy with this adventure and I would like to thank Laura for her help, kindness and professionalism… She’s a real magician.


“Professional Space” testimonials

regine auer

Dear Laura,
It was great to meet you and to take advantage of your consulting services for my company. After several meetings, I was able to adapt your keen advices and expert recommendations that were perfectly conform to our style and identity. A few changes allowed us to create and anchor a core team and to help clients understand right away the full range of the services offered at our space.

I thank you very much for listening to our needs and for your commitment during our project and of course, will definitely recommend your services.

Best regards,
Christophe Durand

“Career” testimonials

Laura offered her services in order to help with my husband’s professional path as well as mine – I had a feeling both were blocked for a while now. She quickly spotted the « career » area in our apartment which happened to be a storage space, unorganised and filled with too many things. Less than 24 hours after putting into action Laura’s recommendations; my husband received a call and moved forward a project we were expecting for more than a year! As for me, a week later, I was contacted by a new company who hired me the week after!

I thank Laura a thousand times for being the source of all these changes! She’s an expert in her field and has a very realistic and committed way of working!


“Purification” testimonials

A lighter atmosphere, a welcoming vibe, and projects that take life effortlessly. These are the positive outcomes of Laura’s space clearing. I had already redesigned the office according to Feng Shui (with Laura), and wanted to add some energetic value. Now I can stay longer hours at work without getting tired and I enjoy more working on my projects. Laura’s work is excellent and the Feng Shui + Space Clearing combination is really a must for office and retail spaces.
Congrats Laura!


Testimony “Baby Feng Shui”

Our baby slept with us for its first 6 months of his life and then we decided he had to start sleeping in his own room during the night. It really wasn’t easy at the beginning! Laura brought us her consulting: we changed the orientation of the bed and other furniture, and bought an orange rug for him to play on as per her recommendation; the room has now a new energy and our son sleeps… like a baby!


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