About Laura

Laura Eleini, your Feng Shui expert

Through Feng Shui I aim to create and reveal harmony, well-being and balance in your interior and inner-self.

After studying Gemmology and owning a jewellery show-room, I redirected my career in the real-estate business. That was the moment where I realised that people were more important than square meters.

At that moment it became clear to me that I needed to be involved with something more personal but still related to the living space. I started with Home staging classes and Space Design… but I was still missing a deeper dimension. Back then, I wasn’t sure what it was…

laura eleini experte consultante feng shui

To a new destiny

The result of numerous, exceptional and unexpected synchronicities, I discovered by complete accident the existence of a Feng Shui school in Paris. I immediately felt it was my calling and said to myself: “Laura, this is your destiny!”

Indeed, after just a few classes, it became quickly clear that it was the deeper dimension I was searching for. Feng Shui, the chinese wisdom, instantly fascinated me and gave me the possibility to offer to my home a meaning and a new perspective. 

A passion, a job

I registered for the Feng Shui training at the International School of Feng Shui and Design in Paris. Very quickly I understood that the well-being generated by an energy flow inside a living space was core to the well-being of its residents. I was going to make my passion a profession.

The training allowed me to discover a new approach and a meeting point between the human and the 5 elements of Nature; Feng Shui enables their integration in our living spaces in order to recreate a regenerating environment and ensure harmony and balance.

After practicing Traditional Feng Shui for years, I felt the need to go further, to broaden my horizons by completing an Occidental Feng Shui training.

The later differentiates itself from traditional Feng Shui by focusing on our own psychological and emotional way of being versus focusing exclusively on external energetic factors.

It gave me the opportunity to adapt the ancestral Chinese art of living to our occidental culture, our backgrounds and our decoration habits. The goal is always to find Beauty, Balance and Harmony in your interior and your inner-self.

Occidental Feng Shui allowed me to experience new aspects of the art and a new approach that has the individual at its core; bringing a vision that is less rigid with an opening that resonates between the individual and its home.

By integrating both Traditional and Occidental Feng Shui, I will guide you in making your home a second body for your soul, a mirror of your personality and your goals.

laura insidezen feng shui

My professional path and trainings

1996 : Gemmology Diploma GIA “Gemmological Institute of America” with William Boyagiuan (Italy)

2007 : Reiki level 1 and level 2 with Reiki Master Francis Schumacher (Geneva)

2008 : Real Estate training from the “Association Professionnelle des Courtiers et Gérants en Immeuble” (Geneva)

2011 :    Home Staging and Space Design training  at the “Institut Supérieur de Valorisation Immobilière” with Dany Cadoux (Annecy)

2012 : Traditional Feng Shui Diploma at the Feng Shui Design School with Vanessa Boren (Paris)

2014 : Dowsing training with Christian Malherbe (Geneva)

2016 : Public Speaking training at Geneva Presentation Skills with Eleni Theocharopoulos (Geneva)

2017 : Reiki level 3 with Master Reiki Noëlle Bazbaz (Geneva)

2018 : Home Staging Feng Shui and Decoration Basics – Quant- Hom (Dijon)

2018-2019 : Occidental Feng-Shui Certificate based on “Soul- Decoration” with Alexandra Viragh (Belgium)


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