Feng Shui services – Agencement

Are you buying a new home?

Designed to help you define your new home, whether existing or off-plan, the Interior Design service allows you to make a conscious choice of all the materials, elements and objects you need to create a serene, harmonious interior that reflects your personality.

The benefits of this service are numerous: you’ll experience a real sense of renewal, create a harmonious interior that fully reflects you, and stimulate abundance in all its forms, whether in your projects, your finances or the external support you receive.


This offer allows you to define your interior and reap the following benefits:

  • feeling rejuvenated
  • create a harmonious interior that suits you
  • stimulate abundance in all its forms (projects, finances, outside help).

Bring your project to life with Feng Shui by discovering the potential of your new space and what needs to be changed or improved before moving day.
Let us guide you in your choice of colours, materials, fixtures, finishes and furniture layout.

Express and embody your new energy footprint!
With this offer, you can make a conscious choice about the layout and decoration of your new “home from home”, and turn it into your own “Home Sweet Home”.


1. 30-minute telephone appointment
Contact me to arrange a 30-minute call to discuss your needs and how I can help.

2. First appointment at your home or my office
We’ll meet at your home or my office to discuss your interior design project.
We’ll use your architectural plans to guide your choices and create a harmonious, balanced living space.

Please note! This step should ideally be carried out before you buy or choose any materials, paintwork or furniture for your new home!

Thanks to the bagua, I can personalise my service to suit your specific needs and wishes.

3. Applying the bagua
Following our first meeting, I will draw up a bagua for your home.
The bagua is a Feng Shui diagram used to map the different zones of your home in relation to the 5 elements of nature, your aspirations and your life projects.

4. Second appointment at your home or my office
At our second meeting, I’ll explain the bagua analysis and relate it to your new home.
We’ll go through each room, living area, elements and stimulants.
We’ll explain how the energy flows and give you advice on the changes you need to make.

5. Option: Personal Shopper for all purchases of materials, furniture, etc.
I will accompany you personally in the purchase of the recommended items.
Using the Bagua analysis, I’ll help you to select the materials, colours, shapes, furniture and decorative objects that perfectly match your new home.