Feng Shui Services – Companies

Do you want to create a healthy and productive working environment?

Dive into the world of Feng Shui dedicated to businesses and transform your workspaces into healthy, productive environments, conducive to the success of your professional projects. My offer is aimed at those who want to optimise their offices to boost the motivation, concentration and creativity of their teams.

The benefits of this service are manifold: from stimulation, motivation and improved well-being to reduced fatigue, stress and absenteeism. I’ll work with you to design your spaces, taking into account the layout, colours and materials, to create a flow of energy, well-being and visual harmony in your workspaces.


The benefits of this service are numerous:

  • boosting the motivation, concentration and creativity of your teams
  • reducing fatigue, stress and absenteeism
  • improving well-being in the workplace

With this offer, I’ll help you design your workspaces, taking into account the layout, colours and materials.

You’ll be able to improve your staff’s working conditions by offering them a healthy and stimulating working environment, conducive to the successful completion of your projects.

Don’t wait any longer to boost your company’s performance by providing your teams with a pleasant and productive working environment!

booster productivité entreprise feng shui


1. 30-minute telephone appointment
Contact me to arrange a 20-minute call to discuss your needs and how we can support you in this process.

2. Appointment at your offices
During this stage we will visit your premises together to assess the potential of the space.
Analysis of your needs and the business objectives you wish to achieve.
Transmission of the architectural plan.

3. Consultation, application of Bagua and documented analysis report
Following my visit, I will draw up a bagua for your offices.
The bagua is a Feng Shui diagram used to map the different zones of your workplace in relation to the 5 elements of nature, your professional aspirations and your business plans.

I will draw up a written analysis of the current state of your office, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses and offering personalised advice on how to improve the energy quality of your environment.

4. Second meeting
At our second meeting, I’ll give you the final analysis in the form of a richly illustrated written document that you can keep.
We’ll review all your premises and I’ll give you my advice on the changes you need to make to improve the harmony and circulation of energy. The aim is to promote the well-being, productivity and creativity of your teams, as well as the realisation of your professional projects.